Day One

Well … today is day one. I have packed up and moved (for the most part) 120+ miles to Doylestown, PA to do my internship. I’m staying with a very, very lovely family and am kinda excited. It was a rough morning having to say “see you later” (it’s never goodbye) to Josh, but in the long run, i know it will be great. I get to go home again in three weeks for mom’s wedding and I get to see him then 🙂 which i totally cannot wait for. In our whole Year and  A Half we’ve been together we’ve never been apart for more than two weeks. Can you believe that? Haha and in three weeks we can say that we’ve never been apart longer than three weeks! Oye, well, all in all it’s been a crazy day and i know that this summer is going to be a biiiiig stretch. But I’m ready for it.

Today was just simply move in day. I drove the long 2+ hours to get down here, met up at the church with Carolina, Pastor Andrew, Elaine, Andrew, and Tracey. We hung out a bit and then headed out to lunch just for some fellowship. It was really great. I’m completely exhausted … it’s totally going to be bed early tonight for me. Tomorrow I get to go into the church for a few hours and just set up what I’m going to be doing, how I’m going to be doing it, and what my hours are going to be. Should be interesting/fun! Let’s get this party started! 🙂


One thought on “Day One

  1. So. Whitney.. even though Im gonna miss you! I hope you have a blast and hopefully i get to see you when you come home in three weeks. I dont know what i am gonna do this summer without my softball game buddy! LOVE YOU!!! and I will come visit some weekend!

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