Life is a crazy and unexplainable thing. Something that can last for years and years and years and then be gone in the complete blink of an eye. It can be ended by simply the chest rising, falling, and not rising again. It can be ended with a smile and a sigh. It can be ended in many different ways, but only started in one. I wish I could say that it only hurts when a young person dies – but that’s unfair. Or when a middle aged person dies – at least they got to live longer – but that is even more unfair. Or even when an older person dies – at least they got to experience life to it’s fullest – but there is still someone there to mourn the person’s death. There is still someone left with an emptiness in their very being.

After this past week and now with Josh’s dad really not doing well, I can’t help but to think about life. How it has it’s ups and downs, how it has it’s fights, it’s joys, it’s hurts, it’s sadness, and it’s victorys. How somedays are just so bad you wish that you didn’t have to live again. But then I think, so what. So what if there is a bad day. At least I’m here, with the ones I love. At least I can help someone out, someone who feels like they’ve got nothing left and give them a smile, a hug, a catch of the eye just to let them know that someone cares.

I beleive this is why I have been called to be a pastor, but not only a pastor … a children’s pastor. I want to be able to show people (kids, their parents, volunteers) that even though they are having a rough time, even though they are feeling down- full of despair – like they can’t take anymore –I am there for them, I will always love them, and God is there for them, too.

Sometimes it’s as easy as a simply hug, handshake, smile, or hello to get people to fell better. Other times it’s prayer, counseling, and help. I want to be that person. That person that is there to catch them  when they fall, even if no one else is. The person who lets them know just how precious their life is when they think it’s nothing but a bunch of broken down pieces. I will be the encouragement, the friend, the love, the support, the catching hands for someone. Because in the end – When a person does have to go – I want them to be able to be the ones who go with a smile and sigh – the ones who when they open their eyes again they will be seeing Jesus standing in front of them with his arms opened wide welcoming them in to their eternal home.

I know this is another post that my thoughts are all over the place, but i can’t help it 🙂 There is too much that runs through my mind when i think life and death. Life is way to precious of a thing to let go wasted, to be lived in vain, to not be lived to the fullest. It’s so precious that it makes people hurt, feel like their missing something – when someone from their life goes. And then it all just makes me think of the reasons I want to be a pastor. The reasons that I want to help people. I want someone to go because of health issues, accidents, not something that I could have prevented by loving them.  And if they do have to go – I am darn well making sure that they are going to be met by Jesus at those big pearly gates being welcomed with open arms.


One thought on “Life

  1. Thank you and God bless you for your obedience to God’s calling in your life. Hope your summer is the best and you are used mightily!

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