Officially One

I sat here this afternoon and got to thinking about life and weddings and marriage and getting older when this whole picture story popped in my head. When it wouldn’t leave me i decided it was time to write it down. Here it is:

Bright sun shines across her face as she looks into the mirror one last time.
Blurs of color float behind her.
Faint whispers fall onto her ears.
He wrings his hands and stares at the floor.
Can this really be it? When is it going to start?
Questions begin to fill his head.
People file in – there isn’t an empty seat in the room.
Faint whispers fall onto his ears.
And a gentle hand rests on his as he’s told they’re about to begin.
Girls giggle behind her – they say it’s time to go.
Gently a kiss lands on her brow as she is told she has made them proud.
Music starts – Doors open wide.
Ooohs, Aaaahs and whispers begin to float.
He looks up and can’t believe his eyes.
His eyes lay upon her for the very first time.
She can’t help but cry.
Here it is – it’s finally time.
She begins to descend down the rows.
His heart beats faster with every step she takes.
There he is – just an arms length away.
A faint voice says she’s ready to be given away.
She reaches for his hand as he reaches for hers.
She squeezes his hand knowing that he’s thinking the same thing.
She glances over and catches his eye
He catches his breath as he hears his question.
Will you? And you?
He doesn’t miss a beat and neither does she.
They share their love that has grown like wild fire.
As friends and loved ones watch with happy tears flowing from their eyes,
She stares into his eyes and forgets about all who are around.
He stares right back as a tear slips down his cheek.
He can’t believe this day has finally come.
The voice behind them says that he may kiss her.
He reaches over and shares their first kiss of the rest of their lives.
She leans in and then gives a little smile.
They did it. It’s done.
Now they are officially one.


2 thoughts on “Officially One

  1. That is absolutely beautiful, did you write that yourself? Oh my goodness, I cried when I read it. I would be proud to call you daughter in law, I just wish Joshua would get off the stick. LOL

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