Another Day

Well I know it’s been quite sometime since I posted last. Summer has flown by …it’s already July … already my birthday tomorrow. My internship is done, I’m now officially the children’s director. Life is moving. Life keeps going.

But within the last few days I have learned some very important lessons – “Love” is blind. You can’t please everyone. You can’t make people see what you see. Love those who love you. Love those who don’t love you. Pray everyday. And lean on the Lord with everything. After all, he is the mastermind behind this crazy plan called life.

I have always been a “people pleaser”. Always. But i have learned that I’m gonna to very well kill myself if I keep trying to please everyone. Some people are not going to be happy with me, some people aren’t going to like me (for whatever reason), but I can’t let that slow me down. I can’t let that cramp my style, cramp what I’m doing. I need to look past those that i’m not pleasing and look to those who are loving me, loving my ideas, encouraging me, and helping me. For everyone one person who isn’t pleased or happy, there’s five others who are thrilled and encouraging.

I have also learned that I am soooo called to children and not youth. I love the babies and little kids with their cute sayings and their booboo’s. I love their silly stories and energy. But teens, yeah –no. I will be a youth leader, I will help with the youth –but don’t put me in charge. I don’t like their attitudes, their snotty tones, their judgements — and don’t get me wrong — i love them, and i’m not saying every teen is like this. It’s just the ones that are drive me crazy.

Right now I honestly could not have been asked God to have put me in a better place. I’m loving every minute of working at the church, working with the people I’m working with, living with the people I’m living with. Everything has been perfect so far this summer. I mean, there have been it’s bumps and bruises. Between PopPop and Dad Davies… But at the same time it’s been incredible. I have felt God in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time. I’m super excited for my future. I have been reassured and had things confirmed so many times in the nine weeks that I have been here. I feel like a completely different person. And like I said, I’m absolutely loving it. Sure, I wish it was closer to home, closer to my family, closer to Josh, and closer to Josh’s family — but I’m still loving it and still get to see them every now and again.

I really can’t believe that school starts up in six and a half more weeks. It feels like time is going by so fast. Though I’m excited for school. I’ll be back with my friends, still going to New Life, be “living on my own” (as much as you can in a college dorm room), and still loving life. I don’t think I have been this happy in a long time. I feel like my life has finally come together, is now making sense, and is exactly what i want.

I know … my thoughts have been all over the place (like they normally are) but that’s what happens when you’re me. I really hope you guys enjoy reading this –even though i don’t update as much as i would like to — and most posts are quite boring. But hey, it’s my life. And i personally love it. And hopefully, someone else does too. 🙂


One thought on “Another Day

  1. Love it, I am soooo happy for you, keep it up and don’t ever let people discourage you. The ministry has a habit of draining you with the world’s problem,always stay focused on what God has in store for you, always keep your eye on the prize. “For I know the plans that I have for you declared the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah Love you.

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