A dream thought to never come true

So, I was sitting here checking out facebook and realized that even though this summer has been the summer of death – it has also been the summer of life. A lot of my friends have recently either become pregnant, been pregnant for a while, or have had a baby. And when thinking about getting married and having a baby this whole mental picture story came to mind. And here it is; this is for all of those soon to be/recently have become mommies out there:

Looking up she sighs with a smile.
As he moves his hand across her belly,
He shakes with excitement.
A dream that was thought to never come true,
Now has grown like a balloon.
Big plans – He starts to make,
As she dreams of all the birthday cakes.
Never before have they hated more to wait.
The thought of pitter patter of little feet
Drift her off to sleep.
Smiles and laughter are what she loves
Not being able to stand the wait for those little hugs.
Butterflies rise as she inhales deep.
He grabs her hand and lets her squeeze,
But it’s just another tease.
She cringes as she pleads,
Please God, I’m ready, Please!
He kisses her brow as she gives another nudge.
He can see it, there she is.
The little blue eyes lighting up the sky,
When the Baby cries everyone breathes a sigh.
Hugs and kisses shared alike.
Beaming and glowing,
Looking at this precious life.
She kisses the top of her head and can’t help but cry.
Have you ever seen someone so beautiful before in your life?
He picks her up, holding her like she’s glass.
Taking her out to show her off like a prized possession won at last.
Bringing Her back He gives Her to Mommy.
Last week, just a boy and girl.
Yesterday, a husband and wife.
Today, a daddy and mommy.
A dream they though would never come true,
Mommy and Daddy now listen to as She coos.

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