It’s just not right.

In today’s society loving one another just doesn’t seem to be the thing. Parents fight like there’s no tomorrow (and I don’t mean the “love” fights [as josh would put it]). I’m talking about hardcore yelling, screaming, and hating each other fights. And sadly enough, these fights usually turn into divorce. That’s another thing — in today’s society weddings/marriage isn’t as sacred as it once was. I know that when I get married I’m going to keep it sacred. I’m going to keep it so that no matter what happens — fights, arguments — whatever comes our way — me and my husband will stay together forever. We will work through no matter what comes our way. We will stay married from that second that we say “I do” and sign the marriage certificate – to the day that we die. We will love each other and love our children. That way when our children are in school and they are talking to their friends they don’t have to be another one with “divorced parents”.

And you know, I can even take it a step further by saying -okay sometimes divorce happens but it doesn’t have to be an ugly divorce. Some divorces are actually quite peaceful and were moreso mutual than anything else. But unfortunately then you have to have the flip side.


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