Day 6

Day 6 – Whatever tickles your fancy


Well, today is Josh’s and my two year anniversary. I remember the day that he asked me out as if it was yesterday [which is pretty impressive that i would even remember yesterday haha]. We began talking and hanging out right after fall break of that semester (Fall ’08). No one knew that we were talking, no one knew that we even knew who each other were. We kept everything kind of on the DL … I’m not sure why but at least to me the secrecy was so much fun. After a couple weeks we finally let people know that we were talking and began to hang out in person. He’d come over for open dorm, we’d go for walks, we eat meals together (he joined my table). And then about two weeks after that … one friday night we had watched a movie or two for open dorm (Rachel and I were supposed to have left for New Jersey that Friday night but I was convinced to stay and just leave early Saturday morning). Then after the movies we went out to Dunkin Donuts. We crammed all of us into my tiny little car, got some coffee (though Josh at that point in time didn’t like coffee so he got a strawberry coolatta) and we hung out for awhile, the whole gang of us, and just talked. Then we came back to campus, everyone said there goodbyes, and it was just Josh and I left to say goodnight. And that’s when he kissed me (though if you ask him he says I kissed him, but that is totally NOT the truth =P ). He gave me a hug and then left. I told him I’d see him again possibly Sunday night and if he wanted he could text me/call me and I’d have my computer with me while I was in Jersey so he could alway talk with me that way, too.

Me, being the total girl that I am, went back to my room where Becky and Rachel were and totally screamed (all three of us) our heads off. Our RA, Olivia, came down and yelled at us saying we were being too loud and it was after quiet after so we had to calm down. And we did, and of course the girls wanted to know what happened which is when i told them i don’t kiss and tell (and of course that told everything). Now I’ve never kissed a guy (I had only kissed on guy before Josh) outside of being in a relationship.

Rachel and I left early for Jersey and of course Josh was the topic of conversation. We (jokingly) were discussing how i felt like a “whore” because i’ve never kissed a guy outside of being in a relationship. We talked to Josh all weekend and Rachel kept telling him that because he kissed me he HAD to ask me out. We came back that Sunday and since we were back early enough we all went to the Caf. together to eat dinner. After dinner we all came back and hung out in the lounge. This is where, besides the million other things over the last about four weeks we had found in common, we found out that both of us LOVED the song “Inevitable” by Anberlin. After that, we called up Emily and Phil and asked them if they wanted to go see Madagascar 2 with us at the KOP movie theatre (they were on their way back from being home for the weekend). We were getting excited about going to the movies and just hanging out waiting for it to be time to leave. Chip and Rachel had gone some where and so did Becky and Jay (i believe they may have run to Taco Bell for food, but I could be wrong I just know they weren’t there). Josh sat down on the floor next to me and told me he had something that he needed to tell/ask me. I said okay, go ahead, but he kept saying nevermind, he changed his mind. Finally after about twenty minutes or so (it felt like an eternity, heck, it could of only been five minutes) He stood up, told me to stand up, and said “Will you go out with me?” I just stood there, laughed a little. And said “Not if you’re gonna phrase it like that.” He looked really shocked and confused, kinda stopped talking for a little and just stared at the floor. Then Chip came upstairs, asked what was going on, Josh told him that he had asked me out and I said no. So Chip told him to get down on one knee and ask me again. So Josh got down on one knee and said “Whitney, will you please go out with me?” And me, being me, said, “I’m sorry, but that’s still not right.” Then everyone came back, Josh told them, and then Becky chimed in saying, “Maybe you should just try asking her to be your girlfriend.”

At this point in time we were beginning to run late for the movies. So I grabbed my jacket, we cleaned up the lounge, and we began to leave. Once we got outside of Wells, Josh grabbed my hand. While we were standing outside under the moon and stars, stared into my eyes and said, “Whitney, will you PLEASE be my girlfriend.” This to which I replied with, “Absolutely!” He kissed me, again. And we ran to his car to head off of the movies.

It was a great night and two years ago to this day. We’ve had our ups and our downs, our good days (amazing days) and bad days (really bad days), but we love each other. We’re best friends, there’s no secrets we can keep from each other. We’ve grown up a lot over the last two years and we’re still growing as the days go on.

Here’s to two wonderful years, thus far, and here’s to many many more years to come.

I love you, Josh!


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