Day 18

Day 18 – Whatever tickles your fancy

So, here’s a plug to what’s going on now with me in school! This semester I’m in puppetry  and this upcoming tuesday (a week from tomorrow – Nov 30) we’re having puppet chapel! Puppets are a really fun way to help bring the message to the kids and keep them interested. Now, I knew some about puppets before, but i have learned so much within this last semester! I’ve made three puppets. First was my monster  puppet,

His name is Leroy and he’s a rocker at heart but can’t sing or play instruments to save his life. But he loves Jesus and he loves to try his heart out to praise him any way possible. I made him all by myself! (with help from PG and classmates of course) and it was so much fun and really actually easy! At the end of this post i’ll put a bunch of different websites where you can buy patterns, buy puppets, etc.

The second puppet I made (actually I made two of them) was snowflake puppets! They’re actually quite cute and remind me a bit of blues clues characters but I love them anyways! Now, I don’t currently have a picture of them (or at least one finished one) but I will have one eventually! (they are currently in the puppet closet waiting to be used in puppet chapel).

Puppets are so incredibly fun for not only the adults or children running them but for the kids. I’m so glad I am able to take this class and it makes me want to start a puppet team RIGHT NOW. It’s a lot of work … but like i mentioned so much fun!

Here’s some websites for puppet patterns (to make your own) or to buy puppets from!

FAO Schwarz


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