Day 19

Day 19 – A talent of yours

Hmm … A talent of mine … let’s think. There’s so many things that I love to do and that I’m pretty good at. I’m really good with working with children. I can take a lot of normal everyday things that kids see and watch and play with and stories that they hear and take that story, or movie, or clip, or picture, or game and make it apply to some sort of bible lesson.

Just like this … this week we had an assignment due for my technology class and it was just a simple powerpoint project. Well, I took the story that just about every kid know (the story of Johnny Appleseed) and had it apply to spreading the gospel. Just as Johnny Appleseed spread the apple seeds all over the country that’s what we’re supposed to do with the Gospel. He gave apples to everyone that he met and we need to teach our children how they can give their “apples” (sharing the good news) with their friends, too!


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