Day 20

Day 20 – A hobby of yours


A hobby of  mine … hmm … a hobby of mine … well when i think of hobbies two come to mind .. hair and drawing. I love to do hair. As many people who really know me know … I change my hair color, style, and cut ALL the time. Well as much as I possibly can. I love to find pictures and try them out in my hair and to do other people’s hair. It’s so much fun and I love transforming people into different looks that they want.

Another hobby is drawing. I love to draw. Just ask my boyfriend, hahah. I love to doodle and draw pictures. Art was a big part of my highschool career and just something that stuck with me. If I’m in class and have to take handwritten notes you’ll see doodles all over the margins of my pages. Or if I’m in chapel and I have my notebook you’ll see doodles … everywhere.

There’s just something about drawing a picture either with the two year old I babysit or a picture for my boyfriend or just doodling and seeing what comes of it in chapel or class. It’s almost the same as when I’m doing either my hair or someone elses. Taking something and creating it into something else – to me there’s just a crazy thrill i it. I absolutely love it. Taking a line and turning it into two little kids playing in the sandbox or taking a blonde and chopping her hair real short and dying it dark and making her look like someone completely different but a person who she loves. The thrill in transforming someone into something they love is something i love.

So, you wanted to know a hobby and i gave you two 🙂 I hope you enjoyed! (Sorry if today didn’t make too much sense … I drove 3 hours home this afternoon for thanksgiving break from school and I’m a little out of it haha)



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