Days 25 and 26

Days 25 and 26 (because i never got a chance to blog yesterday) – my day and week in great detail

Well, I can’t promise you it’ll be in great detail. First off because the week has just started, and second off … because I don’t remember EVERY detail haha.

So let’s start the week off shall we?

Monday – Monday morning I worked (I babysit the CUTEST 9 month old (?) and the cutest 2-almost-3-year-old [who is only there in the afternoons]). The baby slept an hour and a half of the two and a half hours that I was there. So while he was sleeping I did some homework, watched part of a movie, and talked to my Twin!! Then I came back, saw Josh for a quick second, and headed up to class. Class was (i’m not going to lie) a bit boring. Haha. We talked about powerpoint and how to use it. But then we got great news! For our last three class sessions we don’t have to meet … which totally made my day! I then went to lunch with Joshua and he had to go to class from there so I headed back to my room and was going to nap but instead watched some more of Return of the King. Next thing I knew it was dinner time and time to go find Sarah and head over to the dining commons. After dinner I had to run back to my room, get my monster puppet, and head over to puppet chapel practice at 6. I then had puppet chapel practice until about 930 … by time 930 came around my knees were killing me, both my arms were sore, my back hurt like crazy, and i was exhausted. So Josh walked me back to my building and I headed up to my room and went to sleep. Yes, I went to sleep by 1030 last night. And it was AMAZING.

Tuesday: That’s today! Well, I got up this morning and got ready for puppet chapel! It’s seriously the best chapel out of the whole year. So for an hour, in front of the whole student body plus some, my class and i did puppets. It was great fun! If you want to watch it I’ll post the link at the bottom today’s entry! Well, once chapel was over we had to tear down the set which took about an hour to set up the night before and only twenty minutes to tear down today. I went to find Josh, because he had my bag for my monster puppet and so we could head to lunch. We went off to lunch, ate, and then i headed back to my room once more to get my stuff for class. At 1 I had class (the most boring class in the world) and got out around 215. I headed back to my room, did some research, and then realized that it was 3 and I had to leave for work. I got to work around 310 and found out both the kids were sleeping so I had some time to do some more research (which was fantastic). Then the baby woke up around 345 and the two year old around 4 – play time was over and now it was time to play with the kids. I babysat until 515 – in that time Kenna and I colored, she showed me how she can cut, and I fed Collin. After work, I headed back to campus to meet Josh to go to dinner. We met up with some of his friends at dinner, talked a bit, ate, and then he had to head off to a meeting so I came back to my room to wait for his meeting to be over. I finished watching Return of the King, talked to Josh’s mom, talked to my friend, and now here we are!

I hope that was great enough detail! haha Like I said, I can’t remember everythign!

Here’s the link to watch puppet chapel! — Just click video next to puppet chapel!



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