Best Christmas Present EVER … well, besides the birth of Jesus!

So, as some of you may know, but yet again some of you may not. I am in Disney World Christmas Eve through New Years Day this year with Josh’s family. We had a very, very long drive down (seven of us crammed into an expedition for 21 hours). Christmas Eve was spent, the seven of us who drove down, waiting for our rooms and going to Hollywood Studios. Then that night when Josh’s Mom, StepDad, Sister, and Niece (I guess she’s considered his niece hahaha) landed we had a reservation for dinner at Chef Mickey’s (seriously some of the best food i have ever had) in the Contemporary (the first resort ever built for Disney World). Then we hung out, went swimming, chilled in the hot tub, etc.

Well, yesterday was Christmas day. Joshua came into Sarah, Amber, and my room, jumped on top of me, yelled ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!’ and started running around singing and dancing. I just thought this was his normal Christmas celebration. Then Doug, Cindy, Amber, Josh and I went over to the Artist’s Palette (the little cafe in our resort) for breakfast. We came back to our rooms and everyone got ready and we left for Magic Kingdom. We spent the whole day in Magic Kingdom. Taking a lot of pictures, riding some pretty crazy rides, and eating some delicious food. We saw the Christmas parade (which was fantastic) and then Josh, Sarah, and I saw the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party (which was even more fantastic). Afterwards, we went up to the Bippity Boppity Boutique and Amber and Janessa got all done up like princess’!

We then had a reservation to eat at Cinderella’s Happily Ever After in the Grand Floridian. The Grand Floridian which is one of the most expensive resorts (and the most beautiful) here in Disney. At this dinner you got to eat with Cinderella, Lady Tremaine (the evil stepmom), Drizella & Anastasia (the evil stepsisters), and Prince Charming. It was pretty cool and the food, of course was delicious.

Well, after dinner Cindy said to start getting ready because we were gonna go take pictures. So we got ready and we walked across the hall from the restaurant into Mary Poppins Garden. Josh was already standing down by the Mary Poppins Topiary and they told me to go down next to him (I seriously thought we were going to take pictures). But no one else was coming down, no one seemed to be taking pictures and that’s when Josh started his speech about when he first met me he knew i was the girl he was going to marry … and that’s when i started to freak and i just grabbed him and hugged him and wouldn’t let go (haha) and then he got down on one knee. And he pulled out this huge gaudy ring and asked me to marry him with it. I said are you kidding me and walked away (haha i thought he was joking) but when i turned back around he was still on his knee and he had a diamond ring in his hand and he asked me again ‘will you marry me’ and i cried, said yes, he put it on. Then everyone tells me EVERYONE has known about this since EVERYONE. All of my family members, his family members, my friends at school, etc. Which is when i told him i hated him and that i hated all of them, too. I called my mom right away and told her and couldn’t stop crying.

It was perfect and romantic and very us. 🙂 There were people standing on the balcony’s up by the monorail and Jake just started screaming she said yes!!! and people were cheering and clapping. It was amazing. We got our Just Engaged pins and it’s been amazing. I’m still in a state of shock. The ring is gorgeous and I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy.

If you want pictures just check out my facebook page 🙂

It was the best christmas present Ever! (well besides the birth of Jesus!)


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!


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