Hey! I know I haven’t posted much since a few days after Christmas with the post of the proposal pictures – but life has been a little bit crazy! Josh and I (along with our mothers) have been really getting down the nitty gritty and little details of getting married and planning our destination wedding and everything a long with that! On top of starting out a new semester at school, getting back into work, and learning more about what God wants me to do with my life.


Today we had a praise and worship chapel and four lines to a song really hit me hard. They’re lines that I’m sure everyone knows in some shape or form. Maybe not from this song exactly – but you’ve heard them in other songs, in quotes, etc. “For if our God is for us, Then what could ever stop us. For if our God is with us, Then what could stand against.”  (It’s from OUR GOD by Chris Tomlin).  And it really got me thinking – seriously, if my God is for me .. then what could ever stop me? If he is with me … then what could stand against? And I’ll tell you what …. NOTHING can stop me and NOTHING can stand against.

I’m starting out this new year engaged, a senior in college, working a job, and “working” at the church. Along with trying to pay bills, save money, and get married (not for a year … but still). Life has been a bit of a drag. And proven to be a pain in the neck and a bit difficult over the last few days. And sometimes the stress of just life gets a little too much to bear. And I know that I’m not the only one who feels that way. Especially these past few days with the fact of money (and not having any) making things feel like they won’t really happen … or the fact that it’s making some things ten times more difficult than they really truly need to be. And because of all of this … it makes me very stressed. Stressed to the point where I just want to cry. Or scream. Or punch the wall. Or kick my chair. Or just want to give up and not follow through – follow my dreams. And then something miraculous happens.

God meets me right where I am … puts his loving arms around me … and tells me exactly what it says there in that song.  “For if I am for you … then what could EVER stop you? And if I am with you … then what could stand against?” And it hits me. It hits me like a massive smack right in the face. What am I doing?? Why am I worrying about everything and anything? About things that should be happening now and aren’t … about not having enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished … not having enough energy in the day … not having enough money … or ways to get more money. Why am I doing this to myself? I have GOD on my side. He is FOR me and He is WITH me. And because of that I can do anything that I want. I can move mountains. I can part seas. I can graduate. I can be successful. I can get married. I can have an amazing family. I can make my dreams come true.

I have nothing to worry about because my God is FOR me and He is WITH me. And because of that … nothing could ever stop me and nothing could ever come against. Because my God is bigger than my stresses. He’s bigger than my problems. He’s bigger than the one who causes all of my problems. He’s bigger than me. And He’s routing for me the whole entire way. He’s holding my hand and cheering me on. He’s giving me tests to strengthen our relationship. He’s got everything laid out and ready to just happen. And I just have to trust in Him, lean on Him, keep loving Him, and stay on track.


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