I thought words could never explain; I guess I was wrong.


I’m confused and frustrated. Please, tell me what I did. Either that or tell me you just aren’t interested in being in my life. You are painting a pretty clear picture with your actions but I need to hear the words. Tell me to let go.

Play the victim all you want. I’m not interested anymore. You are selfish.

You will miss everything in my children’s life because I will no longer facilitate that those relationships. But you don’t care, do you?

It’s your loss, not ours. (it’s a little bit mine…)

I wish I could hate you. I wish I was as cold as you.

I hope you treat your other children better than you treat me.


~ Letters I’ll Never Send ~




2 thoughts on “I thought words could never explain; I guess I was wrong.

  1. It is his loss Whitney, you are a beautiful person who has so much to offer. Your Heavenly Father loves you so and holds you in the palm of your hand. Someday your earthly father will realize all he has lost. I pray that this relationship will be mended one day, but most of all I pray that your father would know our Heavenly Father the way we do. Love you, and I am so glad you are part of my family.
    Love Cindy

  2. whitney cindy put elegantly and just remember we may not be related by blood but you are apart of my family and sometimes this kind of family is alot closer then your blood family love you and josh gail

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