Well, perhaps there’s something there that wasn’t there before

Day 5 – Favorite Kiss


Well, my FAVORITE kiss would have to be …

(i was trying to find one from when he proposed but i guess i don’t have one! shame on me!)

haha, but like i always say, he’s cute, he’s dreamy, he’s my prince charming!


But my favorite DISNEY princess kiss would have to be …

Yeahp … that’s right … from my favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast, when true loves kiss broke the beasts spell. The whole story behind it, of Belle sticking around and digging for the good and finding it and sticking with him …. it just reminds me of the story of josh and i … some people weren’t too “fond” of him at first (for really dumb reasons) but i stuck around, found the amazing him, and we had our “true loves kiss” and it was beautiful šŸ™‚


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