Our Ship!!!

Well, as many of you know, Josh and I will be getting married via disney cruise line!! Our ship will be departing January 26, 2012 and that ship will be … the new disney dream!!!

Isn’t she beautiful? I’m so excited! Well, as far as we know … here is what our trip is going to look like! We’re going to leave good ole PA Tuesday Jan 24th to head down to Florida. We’ll probably hit Floriday Wednesday morning and just hang out down there for the day/night. Then Thursday we board the ship!!! Thursday night will be the designated party night. That means, Josh will have his bachelor party, and i my bachelorette party. As you can see, this ship is HUGE. Therefore we will have no problem being kept apart for the partying this night. The next day (friday) we will hit Nassau. We will spend the day on the island and do whatever we feel like doing. But then once dinner hits that night, that will be the last time Josh and I are allowed to have any sort of contact (as per us). We will spend that night (me and my girls) getting nervous, having fun, and being us. And I’m sure the guys will be doing the same. The next day (Saturday) is the big day. We will hit Castaway Cay that morning. Our guests, my few-minutes-away-from-being-husband, and his groomsmen will all take off with our onboard wedding cooridnator to the ceremony site. My girls and I will be busy getting ready and becoming even more giddy and excited. Then our wedding coordinator will come back and pick me, my girls, and whomever else stays with me up to take me to the wedding site. I absolutely LOVE how if we want to, we can be kept apart until that very moment I walk down the aisle. Then everything begins. We have our ceremony, some pictures, back to the ship for a cake and champagne/sparkling cider reception, Josh’s and My first dance. Then it’ll be time to hit the beach! We’ll spend the rest of the day on the beach and then Josh and I will have a reservation at Palo’s (a restaurant on the ship) for just the two of us. Then the next day we’re back on land again!

It’s going to be a busy couple of days, but what few days leading up to a wedding isn’t? We’re so blessed to have found this as a wedding idea and found out how relatively cheap it is, too! We get more and more excited as every day goes by. It’s about 330 days until we set sail and 332 days until I get to marry my best friend 🙂 Time is flying!


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