Third Month Threes


Because March is the third month of the year, do everything in threes 😀

  1. Three names you go by.
  2. Three facts about yourself.
  3. Three things that happened today.
  4. Three favorite songs right now.
  5. Three breakfast foods you enjoy.
  6. Three things on your current to-do list.
  7. Three colors you like.
  8. Three words you think others would use to describe you.
  9. Three objects you can’t be without.
  10. Three ways to win your heart.
  11. Three favorite movies.
  12. Three appetizers you enjoy.
  13. Three places you’ve lived.
  14. Three important people in your life.
  15. Three things you want to say to three different people
  16. Three that made you happy today.
  17. Three things you want to do before you die.
  18. Three favorite TV shows.
  19. Three home-cooked meals you enjoy.
  20. Three things the world would be better without.
  21. Three of your guilty pleasures.
  22. Three things you are afraid of.
  23. Three places you want to visit.
  24. Three things you do before you go to bed.
  25. Three favorite books.
  26. Three types of deserts you enjoy.
  27. Three crazy things you wouldn’t mind doing.
  28. Three things you like about yourself.
  29. Three things that you look for in a partner.
  30. Three life lessons you’ve learned so far.
  31. Three ways you bid farewell.



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