Catch up!

Well, As you guys have probably noticed .. i haven’t updated in the last three days!! Well, that’s because I was at PBCC in Carlisle, PA for Breakaway Kids Camp!! It was a blast! I’m now totally exhausted … but needing to dash out the door in a second to head out to Arts And Crafts Club for the night! But here are the three days that I missed!
11. Three favorite movies.

Well, my three favorite movies would have to be (as of right this second) …. Despicable Me (absolutely adorable), Lean on Me (just watched it again, so in love with it), annnnd Pretty in Pink (can’t leave out molly ringwald!

12. Three appetizers you enjoy.

Hahah this is an EASY one!!! Anyone who knows me … knows what I order at applebee’s! Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Mozz sticks, or honey bbq boneless wings!! Yum!!!

13. Three places you’ve lived.

Well, I’ve lived in Lake Ariel, PA; Waymart, PA, AND Phoenixville, PA!! 🙂 All in PA but hopefully not forever!! (sorry, fam, but I don’t want to live in PA I want to travel 🙂 )


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