Exactly 9 months from this moment I will be stepping onto the Bahamian Island of Nassau. Nerves and excitement will be running through my body like there’s no tomorrow as I try to enjoy the sun, sand, and the moment. At this point in time I will be 24 hours away from marrying my best friend. The one who has carried me through so much these last two and a half years. My support system. My love. My life. My world. He’s my number one fan when it seems like the rest of the world thinks I’m dirt. And 9 months from today we’ll be holding hands as we walk onto the warm sand savoring the last few moments we have together until we separate for the night (It’s unacceptable for the groom to see his wife before the wedding). We’ll be enjoying the beaches, some shopping, some great food, and maybe just some rest and relaxation (hopefully). I’ll be so anxious and excited by this point that I will probably want to scream.

9 months from tomorrow. Our journey begins. It’s going to be messy, crazy, chaotic, stressful — but beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And I can’t wait for it to truly begin.


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