So, I’m not going to lie, but i totally didn’t understand all the hype about the Royal Wedding, but that’s probably because right now the only wedding worth talking about is my own. And i totally think that the “Royal Wedding Countdown” should be taken from 0 and be made again at 274 🙂

But seriously, look at Kate in this gorgeous dress!  Uhm, holy train! and Holy gorgeous!! I’m totally jealous of how amazing she looks in lace and how long her train is! I always dreamed of having a long, long train; getting married on the beach though, not the best place for a long train! But she is seriously stunning and i wish her and the prince a wonderful life together!

But now, back to the REAL royal wedding 🙂 It’s just under 9 months. 2 bridesmaids have their dresses. My dress should be here in 4 months. We’re getting our engagement pictures done tomorrow. We need to still find the guys attire. We need to decided on what shoes we’re wearing for the reception. We need to find flowers. But we still have A LOT of time. (Though, honestly, I’m praying I get a lot done [as much as possible] before coming back to school on August 28th).

So it’s been fun, non stressful (yet), and exciting. I get more and more excited with every day that comes closer to January 2012 🙂


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