Hard work pays off.

I busted my butt this semester to get good grades. 16 credits. 175 hours at the church. Any where from 2-10 hours babysitting. On top of, being a senior, seeing my fiance, and trying to get some sleep. But it all paid off. I originally thought I was getting a 3.31 .. just shy of Dean’s List (which is a 3.5 or above). But, I tried my hardest and I did my best so I just took it at what it was. Then I checked my grades online and my professor actually changed 2 of my grades (I had him for 2 classes) to even better grades! My “B” went to an “A” (which for us is the same as an A+ GPA wise) and my “B-” went to a “B+”.

My hard work, little hours of social life, barely any sleep, more headaches than I could imagine, and being sick for at least 4 weeks straight paid off. I gave it my all and it definitely shows it. Now, I know it’s not a 4.0, but I still did my best. I tried my hardest and it’s definitely showing. Here’s to getting Dean’s list this summer and in the fall, because then I’m done!!

I’m reaching for the goal of graduating with honors, I’m determined to do it. Here’s to trying to accomplish my goal.


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