You have been chosen for such a time as this … CHOSEN. So many of us forget that we are the CHOSEN ones. We are chosen of the highest God of whom we serve. I know there’s times when we’re all down in the dumps and we forget where we are and where we are going and begin to dwell on where we have been. We simply forget that we serve a powerful God who has placed us here for such a time as this. Granted things happen in our life time, in our past, in our present, and things will happen in our future that will make us surely forget that we are chosen. That we, despite our defects/flaws/mistakes are loved and serve the most high.


I know life is hard and I know we’re all human. But every now and again, especially when we’re down, we all need to take a step back and look around. When life seems to be against, when everything seems to be going wrong and we’re up against the hardest decisions in our life we need to stop and think. We need to take a step back, take a look around, and talk to God. Is this just a test that He has given us? Does it seem impossible because He wants us to lean on Him some more? Or have we been placed right here, right now, for just the decision we have to make. We are the chosen people, we are meant to face hard times just like anyone else. We are meant to have tests, for without them we can’t have the old cliche, testimonies.

This one major decision that God has placed before could be the difference between life or death for someone. It could be the decision, a hard one or somewhat simpler, of becoming a friend to someone who just seems to need love. You could be the difference of someone having a bad day and someone’s day turning around. The difference between someone hurting themselves and not. You could simply be their difference between life and death. Just through who you are and where God has placed you, you could save someone’s life – just by being you. By showing the love of God through your actions and love. You don’t even have to speak a word. Queen Esther spoke in what seemed like true rhyme and she saved a whole nation. A nation. She stood against the world because God had placed her there for such a time as that. Was she the purest of the pure and perfect? I’m sure not. But did she try her hardest? Did she allow God to use her through her imperfections? Most definitely.


So never forget. You are chosen. You serve the most high God who loves you more than anything. He loves you so much that He sent His Son to DIE for you. He loves you in spite of your imperfections. He made you, He knows you are going to mess up every now and again and He knows He is going to challenge you and test you every now again. But through it all He is going to use you. He is going to put you in precisely the perfect position to save someone’s day, week, year, life, or even greater-save a whole nation.

You are not perfect, but in your weakness He is made perfect. You are made in His image. You are beautiful. You are CHOSEN.


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