Guess what!? I’m getting so close to being done with school and getting married and growing up and being everything that you wanted me to be. I have my one and only final tomorrow and then I’m technically done with college. Can you believe it? I don’t know if you remember my college years that you were around for, but you’re my motivation – you’re what got me through. Just knowing that you’d be proud of me and even from heaven, routing for me every step along the way. Then Wednesday, we sign our lease for our apartment! Can you believe it? I am going to be having my own apartment (well, with Josh of course!) and then Saturday I get to pick up my dress. My gorgeous dress that I full heartedly believe that YOU put in that dress in that tiny boutique in South Carolina for me to find and then placed it into the small boutique up here for me to find and be able to buy.

Even though you can’t be here with us I can feel you in everything that I do. Every little step of the process of the wedding and married life, I know that you are there; you are helping us and pushing us to do better.

I miss you more today than I did yesterday and the day before that and the day before that. I miss you more than you could really truly understand. It’s hard going through this process without you. It’s hard realizing you’re not going to be here to enjoy the whole process with me, with us. But I know you’re still here. And that helps a little bit. A little bit to know that there’s someone else out there who even though he can’t be here with me on earth, he’s pulling for me. He’s routing for me like no one else. He’s helping me along the way in only the way a true angel can. I love you.


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