Top Ten Things Jesus Never Said

Will Davis Jr. wrote a book entitled “Top Ten Things Jesus Never Said”. Now, I have not read the book, but rather came across it while on Pinterest … read the ten things … and couldn’t help but think, “Oh. My. Word. He NEVER says those, so WHY do we — I — always believe them??”

We NEED to stop believing these lies! God did not create this Earth, send His Son to save it, and then just throw us to the wayside! WE are the chosen ones! We are the children of the utmost High God! WE are princes and princess – children of the King! So WHY do we always believe we are not good enough, God is not happy with us, or that we can go on acting like those who do not know (and they NEED to know) the love of Christ?

These are the lies:

You’re too far gone to be saved

I’m so disappointed in you

This wouldn’t be happening if you were a better Christian

It’s okay not to love certain people

Everyone should believe and act like you do

It’s all up to you

You don’t have to forgive someone who really hurts you

You missed my will for your life

I’ve given up on you

This is a cross you must bear

Now, like I said I have not read this book, YET. (Keyword: YET) But you can bet your bottom dollar that I will, eventually, read it. We ( I ) need to stop believing in those lies that Satan feeds down our throats daily. We ( I ) need to remember that God sent His SON because He loveS us THAT much! We ( I ) need to submerse myself back into that love, back into that TRUTH that only Christ can give.

** You can see the blog post that I saw here:

And you can buy the book from amazon here:


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