My husband has been bugging me for the past few weeks about getting back into blogging. While in college I used to post just about every day; now, it seems to be far and few between. Days go by, then weeks, next thing I know it’s been months since I’ve written. 

Now, it’s not all bad that’s kept me from going on. I have a full time job, I am working on my Masters program — trying to get it done as fast as possible to move onto my Doctorate, have been feeling sick/off/blah on and off for weeks (the joys of pregnancy), have been crazy in anticipation for June … and just going on with life! 

But, after a particularly rough day — for many reasons — as I sit on my bed, waiting for it to be time to leave for church, realizing that life probably won’t slow down at all any time soon – I have realized that I make entirely way too many excuses. There’s always an excuse for something – I’m way too busy, I am exhausted, I’m not feeling well, I have been going non stop I just want one moment to relax, I have homework, I have tests, excuse after excuse after excuse comes up and I just can’t seem to stop it. 

But isn’t it the same for everyone? Don’t we all make excuses – not necessarily because we don’t want to do something, but we just think we have something more important to do? Something better to do? It’s the same with church, finding time to do devotions, finding time to talk about those that we love who don’t know Christ – whether we see them all the time or not. 

Excuses have become such a prevalent choice of words, thoughts, and lives — we need to stop the madness! No more excuses, no more finding ways out of what we know we should be doing. No more feeling guilty for cutting out and forgetting because we feel like something else should be more important when we know at that moment it’s really not. 

If our days consist of God, reading from His Word, spending time with Him, showing His love to others — even if it’s just through simple actions, can you imagine how dramatically different our lives could be? How much stress could be released? How much more relaxed we could feel? Now, I’m not saying that by focusing on God, doing devotions, our prayers, going to church, following God as best as we can means that we won’t feel stressed at times, that we won’t feel beaten up, battered, bruised, frustrated, upset, like we have no idea what is to come next. Instead, it means that we will be in the habit of knowing that God has it all covered. That God always has our back and there’s probably something that, we can’t see right now, but will see in the future as to why it’s going on. We will find comfort in our most uncomfortable times when we know that we have Christ by our side. 



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